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Wednesdays with Evelynfeatured

One of the cutest things Evelyn has been doing lately is saying “gooooo” when she does her little run.  This was from the other day when we were outside looking for the neighborhood cat (something we do ehh.ver.eee day).  If we can’t find the cat she is sure to ask for the neighbors bike and Read more


Proud (Unbiased) Parent of an Adorable Kidfeatured

Life with Evelyn is the most fun, entertaining, and heart-filling thing in the whole entire world.  Our little love keeps us on our toes, smiling, laughing, and snapping more photos than the law should allow.  Here are some highlights of the funny and adorable things she’s doing at 19 months. Evelyn loves to stand/sit in Read more


S@*# Steve Saysfeatured

I keep a running list of all the gems Steve says in my phone and I noticed the other day my list was getting a bit out of control, so here are some of my favorites.  As always, Steve you rock and life would be incredibly dull without you. Laying in bed one night Me: Read more


Mother’s Dayfeatured

Being a mom is a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year until the day you die, job.  So technically May 18th is just as much Mother’s Day as May 8th was, can I get an amen from any mamas out there?!  I have wanted to give a recap of our day Read more