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A Girls Day Outfeatured

A couple of weeks ago Pink Blush reached out to me about doing a collaboration. I had been eyeing their maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy, but never bought anything because I’m sure you mamas can relate when I say I felt guilty spending money on myself when I have a toddler who changes sizes what Read more


Heath Carlisle Hodapp-The Birthday Partyfeatured

Part three of Heath’s birth story.  You can read part one HERE and part two HERE. After getting dressed and into the hospital bed I remember being checked and the look on Debra’s face when she checked me.  A fun thing about Debra is that she was there when I came in to deliver with Read more


Heath Carlisle Hodapp-Denialfeatured

Part two of Heath’s birth story, you can read part one HERE. Around 7pm my contractions were consistently 5-7 minutes apart so I texted my best nursing friend, Jessica, who was going to meet us at the hospital to be your delivery nurse and let her know that I thought maybe tonight would finally be Read more


Heath Carlisle Hodapp-The Waiting Gamefeatured

Part one of three of Heath’s birth story because you know I can’t keep anything short.  Everything in italics is from Steve’s point of view.  Enjoy. At 41 weeks and 1 day, Tuesday January 31st 2017 started out exactly like the previous 288 days started out.  I woke with an ever-growing belly and absolutely no contractions. Read more