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A couple of weeks ago Pink Blush reached out to me about doing a collaboration. I had been eyeing their maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy, but never bought anything because I’m sure you mamas can relate when I say I felt guilty spending money on myself when I have a toddler who changes sizes what seems like weekly, plus a new baby to buy for also. Needless to say when Pink Blush so generously offered to send me a piece of clothing of my choice I jumped at the opportunity! 

Pink Blush is wonderful because they have clothes that carry you through pregnancy,  nursing, and well into your motherhood groove. There were so many options to choose from that it took me a couple days to decide what I wanted. I went back and forth between this top and this dress. I loved the top because it would fit in perfectly with my mom uniform–anything that’s loose-fitting, tunic length or striped is my jam. Bonus points for all three! Plus it looks like it would definitely be nursing friendly, which is crucial for everything I wear these days. Ultimately though I decided to be selfish and completely treat myself sans kiddos or nursing in mind.  And I’m really glad I did because as wonderful as motherhood is, it’s so easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day, beautifully mundane tasks that come along with the territory. 

Happily Evelyn After | Pink Blush and a Girls Day Out

Even though I wanted to treat myself I also wanted to get a piece that I would get to wear even if I was busy being a mom.  For a while I have wanted to have a girls day with Evelyn, it was actually supposed to happen February 1st before I went in for my induction, but baby Heath had other plans. This past weekend we finally got the chance to have our girls day and I knew this dress would be perfect for the occasion. When we were getting ready Evelyn kept saying “mommy you wear beauiful dress like me”, yes baby for once I do. 

Happily Evelyn After | Pink Blush and a Girls Day Out

I love love love this dress. First who doesn’t love a pale pink in the springtime? Plus it is so soft and comfy! And the way the material hangs and flows, it is beautiful and flattering, which is always kind during this postpartum period. I also love that this maxi dress isn’t ridiculously long. Anyone who is fun-sized like I am (I’m 5.2) knows how difficult it is to find a maxi dress that doesn’t drag the ground when you walk. It was so nice to be able to put this dress on and go without having to get it hemmed or breaking my ankle trying to walk around in 4 inch heels. I’m also a fan of the three-quarter length sleeves right now because in my head it hides the jiggle of my untoned post-pregnancy arms and makes me feel slightly more confident about myself until I can get my body back to what it was this time last year. 

Happily Evelyn After | Pink Blush and a Girls Day Out

Pink Blush was so wonderful to work with and incredibly quick with getting my item to me. The dress is such good quality and was true to size making it the perfect addition to my spring and summer wardrobe. I’m really wishing I had bought some maternity clothes from them back when I was pregnant with Heath, but there’s always next time. Until then I will probably end up buying the striped top I’ve been eyeing and maybe one of their floral wrap dresses, because how beautiful?! And they’re perfect for nursing! 

The whole point of our girls day out was to remind Evelyn how special she still is after the addition of baby Heath, and I think after a lunch out, manicures, and a movie paired with all her favorite junk food she could feel the love. A huge thank you to Pink Blush for making me feel special too.

Happily Evelyn After | Pink Blush and a Girls Day Out

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