Welcome to our little slice of the internet!

We are a family of four living in the southeast, doing our best at raising our babies, making our house a home, and encouraging and loving each other as we walk through the ups and downs, and twists and turns of parenthood.

This super handsome guy is my hubby Steve.  We went to high school together, but didn’t start dating until the end of college.  A fun glimpse into our story is that in high school we were at a party together and both were in long-term relationships and he said something, I couldn’t tell you what it was now, but I thought to myself ‘Wow, what a good guy.  I want to marry him someday’.  That feeling stuck with me, but for five more years we went on with our separate lives until our paths finally intertwined.  He says ridiculous things, makes me laugh more than anyone ever has, works hard from sun up to sun down to provide for our family, is incredibly talented, brings joy to the kids that I can’t compete with, and loves me unconditionally.  We’ve been married for almost 2 years now and I feel so fortunate that we have the majority of a lifetime left for that happiness and love to flourish.  I adore him.

These two sweeties are our littles and the inspiration for 99% of what you will see and read on this blog.  I’ve never really considered myself a writer, but these two bring it out of me.  My love for them overflows and I hope that as they grow they feel it and that it ignites a light in their soul that brings joy to the world.  Evelyn will be three in October and Heath joined our family in January.  Evelyn is a lover of pink, animals, and all things sparkly.  She is compassionate, carefree, independent, persuasive, and bubbly.  If she were a thing she would be a giggle.  If Heath were a thing he would be a cuddle.  He is easy-going, observant, gentle, and joyful.  He is a lover of snacking, bath time, and people watching.  Together they are our world; I can’t imagine life without them.

This is me.  I’m Rebecca, wife to Stephen, mama to Evelyn and Heath, and author of this blog.  I tried to find a picture of just me, but the last picture I have of me by myself is from our wedding day two years ago and let’s be real, that was probably the best I’ve ever looked and it was such a dream of day that it shouldn’t be counted as real life.  This picture is a much more honest depiction of what I look like and what my life is like.  Casual and entertaining my littles.  I love motherhood.  And love is an understatement. Motherhood is my passion.  I can’t say that growing up I knew I wanted to be a teacher, doctor, rocket scientist, lawyer, yada yada–but I can say I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom.  I’m a labor and delivery nurse by night and I love my job, I would even argue it’s that best job in the world to have the privilege of witnessing new life every time I go into work, but my fulfillment lies at home; kissing boo-boos, making peanut butter sandwiches, pouncing around like kitties, reading bedtime stories, using markers to the point that they dry up, dancing around with babies in my arms, even doing my most dreaded chore, folding laundry–that is where life thrives for me.

I’ve created this space because Instagram’s captions often aren’t long enough for me to journal our life in the detail I want to remember it in when I’m in my rocking chair at retirement.  If you’ve somehow stumbled here, grab a cozy blanket and a cup of coffee, or if you’re anything like me a glass of wine, and settle in to partake in our journey.  I promise to keep it real, brag way too much about my kids, and highlight the joy that is woven throughout the challenge of motherhood.  Welcome and enjoy!