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To The Unexpectedly Expecting Motherfeatured

I typically keep my opinions to myself, but even if this changes the life of one person the angst I’ve felt over posting this will be worth it.  Today marks the two-year anniversary of the day that I almost made the biggest mistake of my life. Like many of you have probably already done, Evelyn Read more


A Letter to My Nannyfeatured

Before we get started, Happy Easter Monday to all of you!  Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have to show for Evie’s first Easter. Who else heard that ball drop? Despite my lack of pictures, we did have a wonderful day.  I got to run a full 6 miles, which hasn’t happened since before Read more


Spring Cleaningfeatured

So I was trying to think of some clever way to relate Spring cleaning to talking about how I’ve been going through my phone trying to delete pictures, but I can’t.  And the truth is, it has nothing to do with Spring cleaning and has everything to do with me trying to take a picture Read more