Birds are greeting the morning with songs, flowers are {thinking about} blooming, and Evie is experiencing fresh air for the first time.  That’s right, the official start of Spring is 10 days away and this past weekend it gave us a teaser of what’s to come;  praise be to God!

Not even a little dramatic. Nope.

I truly shouldn’t complain about the mild winter we’ve had here in Charlotte this year, especially when I think about all the people up North who were snowed in for days on end, but throw a pity party I must and my gosh, I’m glad to see the cold air go.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good snow; it’s beautiful, peaceful, and perfectly cozy weather.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get any of that this year, which means it has just been bitterly cold……..which means Evie could probably draw you a floor plan of our house because we haven’t left these four walls very often.

So this past weekend when it got up to the mid-70s we did one of the things Southerns do best–we grilled out and drank beer.  I wish I could be more of a walking typing cliché for you and say we also had sweet tea, but we did not.  I did however, celebrate the warm weather by wearing a sundress {only to get spit up on once!!} and we played cornhole so there are a couple extra to make up for it.

Moving right alon–oh what’s that? You’d rather see some pictures of our festivities with brief narrations? Well today is your lucky day!

Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{you can’t tell, but Steve is squinting his eyes too #twins}
Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{Evie really enjoyed feeling the wind in her hair between her toes}
Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{Steve found a lizard}
Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{no point to this picture other than the fact that she’s cute and I can’t get enough}Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{parenting at its finest}
Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{probably shouldn’t have drank that beer…}
Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{guys I said I wanted a pony}
Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog{candid pic with Evie}

And that’s all for now!  Until the warm weather is here to stay, this is where we’ll be…

Hallelujah | Happily Evelyn After Blog

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