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Evie has officially started teething!  This is super exciting, but has also made her royal highness a teensy bit challenging recently.  I wish I had a picture of her little tooth to show you, but it’s quite difficult to hold a baby’s mouth open AND take a picture at the same time, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s her bottom left front tooth that’s coming in.

Annnyway, I’ve been trying lots of things to keep her sweet self distracted from the sharp tooth that’s pushing through her sensitive gums.  Sucking on my fingers has been a real winner, as has being carried around the house.  Unfortunately chewing on teething toys just isn’t satisfying enough so not much is getting done around the Feldapp casa.

In the midst of doing crazy things like standing on my head while doing jumping jacks and singing The Wheels on the Bus {only the most sophisticated melodies for my daughter}, I decided to strip Evie down to her diaper, find the softest blankets we own, and let her crawl around. Sounds way too complex to possibly work, but I’m here to tell you that it did!  Evie loves it.  She will spend a good hour or so content scooting around on her blankets seemingly unbothered by her pesky first tooth.  Stuff still isn’t really getting done around the house {sorry Steve} because Evie likes for me to read her books and help her play with her toys, but it is nice to have access to all of my fingers and not have to pace around, because let’s be honest, pruney fingers are gross and there’s only so many times I can show Evie the different rooms in our house.

Woe is me. I know.

Getting to the point now.

There has been some good to come from our teething troubles.  Since Evie has been sans shirt and leggings lately, her abundance of baby rolls have been exposed in all their glory.  I think we can all agree that baby rolls are one of the most adorable things in the whole entire world so I had to share them with you.

Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After Blog{Seriously the cutest}
Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After Blog{Squealing over here}
Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After Blog{I literally can’t even}

I showed Evie these pictures and told her I was going to share them with you all and she got a little embarrassed, which I felt kind bad about, but oh my gosh that belly…Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After Blog
Determined to make a change, she thought maybe it was time that she did some push ups…
Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After Blog
and then decided putting all the things in her mouth was much more fun. 
Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After Blog

I wish I could say I don’t know where she gets it from but…
Roll Call | Happily Evelyn After BlogThis may or may not be me around Evie’s same age.

I’ll never tell and I’m sure you’ll never guess.

Going to make cookies or something,


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