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I keep a running list of all the gems Steve says in my phone and I noticed the other day my list was getting a bit out of control, so here are some of my favorites.  As always, Steve you rock and life would be incredibly dull without you.

Happily Evelyn After Blog | S@*H Steve Says

Laying in bed one night
Me: It’s 11:11 babe make a wish
Steve:  I hope I fall asleep fast so we can end this conversation

Goofing around
Me: *attempting to tickle Steve*
Steve: You can’t tickle steel

Talking about Evelyn after her yearly check up
Me: I can’t believe she’s only 18lbs!
Steve: Yeah I’ve been trying to feed her more lately
Me: Why? She’s perfect! She’s just petite
Steve: You’re right, she’ll just have a model body like *runs his hands up and down his body*
Me: You couldn’t be a model because you don’t get tan
Steve: I could be a hand model

Out of absolutely nowhere one night
Steve: Should I change my instagram bio to half centaur?
Me: Literally why would you do that?
Steve: I don’t know, I think it’d be funny
Me: ……….

Date night

Steve: *glaring at my wine glass*
Steve: Hey, uh, what’s going on over there?!
Me: I’m drinking it!
Steve: Yeah right! It’s evaporating at this point

World news
Me: Have you heard about the Listeria outbreak
Steve: Yeah people are going crazy
Steve: *has a sly look on his face like he has something else to say*
Me: ……
Steve: Cuz it’s like hysteria, get it?
Me: ……

Steve trying to post an instagram picture one night
Steve: I can never think of sweet things to say like you can
Me: Sure you could if you tried
Steve: No I’m better at sweet actions
Me: Oh yeah like what?
Steve: You know…like sweet backflips

Me: Scoot over, you’re taking up like 3/4th of the bed
Steve: I can’t help that all these squats I’ve been doing are making my booty bigger

Sitting outside one evening
Evelyn: dada dada dada
Me: Hold on Evelyn, daddy’s cleaning up the dog poop
Steve: Yeah I’m thinking about getting the dogs diapers
Steve: ……or a coffin

Annnnd the most recent (ps Steve is Mr Whiskers in my phone because it’s what the locals called him where we were honeymooning)

Happily Evelyn After Blog | S@*H Steve Says Happily Evelyn After Blog | S@*H Steve Says Happily Evelyn After Blog | S@*H Steve Says

I’ll end on the high note of someone thinking we’re funny,



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