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So I was trying to think of some clever way to relate Spring cleaning to talking about how I’ve been going through my phone trying to delete pictures, but I can’t.  And the truth is, it has nothing to do with Spring cleaning and has everything to do with me trying to take a picture of Evie and not having enough space on my phone to do it.  How many pictures did I have? 3117 pictures and 258 videos.  I have gotten down to a commendable 2570 pictures and 190 videos.  Yes, I realize the ridiculousness of both statements.

Spring Cleaning | Happily Evelyn After Blog
Aaaa-nyway. Going through all of my “old” pictures has made me realize a couple things: 1) I take about 50 pictures of literally the same thing and 2) I still can’t believe I have a baby.

Life before Evie seems like an entirely different world and one that I have very little recollection of. I look at pictures from when I was pregnant and I can’t believe it’s me. I can’t believe I had a baby growing inside me this time last year and that that baby is now an almost 6 month old human being. I obviously know I did, and do, since I birthed her and spend every single day with her, but it just doesn’t feel real.

Spring Cleaning | Happily Evelyn After Blog

When I found out I was pregnant I thought being a mom would feel real when I heard the heartbeat, then I thought it’d feel real when I know the gender, when I feel her kick, when my belly gets big, when I have contractions, when I hold her in my arms, when we get home, when, when, when…when? Five and a half months later it still doesn’t feel completely real.

In fleeting moments I can feel it. I feel it in the dark, quiet hours of the morning sitting in Evie’s rocking chair. I feel it when I’m able to carry on a conversation after being drenched in spit up. I feel it when the weightlessness of being without my 14lb 5th appendage hits me in the 5 {glorious} minutes I have a day to myself. I feel it when I decide running an errand with a happy baby is much more important than running an errand with freshly washed hair and a cute outfit {things that legitimately used to matter to me, there’s no depth to my shallowness, I know}.

Between the laundry, naps, feeding, crying, laundry, spit up, feeding, trying to crawl, diapers, did I say laundry?, and song singing, it’s hard to find time to comprehend that all the mundane things I’m doing add up to the great big task of being someones mom. Life has just felt like one loooooong day since Evie arrived and now I’m looking at pictures and don’t know how my teeny tiny squishy baby got to be a rollie pollie with 2 {!!} teeth and a personality. I also don’t know how the girl in the bar celebrating the start of her 4th and final semester of nursing school is now a mom. I’m literally getting gray hair just thinking about all of this.

Life is busy, and wonderful, and tiring, and full of an immeasurable amount of joy, and it’s hard to find time to absorb it all. I turn 24 next week and plan to spend my last week as a 23 year old trying to soak in all the incredible things that have happened in my life this past year. Whether your birthday is next week or not, I challenge you to do the same. I bet some pretty great things have happened to you in the past year, you should celebrate them.

I’d also like to challenge you to not smile as you scroll through these pictures {you didn’t think I’d end a post without including some adorable pictures of Evelyn, did you?}

Spring Cleaning | Happily Evelyn After Blog Spring Cleaning | Happily Evelyn After Blog Spring Cleaning | Happily Evelyn After BlogSpring Cleaning | Happily Evelyn After Blog

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